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Wesley Oler IV

Community Leadership

Following a long, successful career, Wesley Oler IV is living in New York, New York, where he’s becoming increasingly more involved in community leadership.

Wesley’s venture into community leadership actually began through a genealogical pursuit. When he was working in Switzerland, he met people who were in the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), and it sparked some curiosity. After a little digging, he discovered that both his grandmother and great grandmother were members of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and found their application paperwork from the 1910s. The spark of curiosity was fanned into a flame, and Wesley Oler IV and his brother hired a genealogist to help them start to reconstruct their family tree. For six months, Wesley collected data from cemeteries and town halls which he presented to – and was accepted by – the member of the SAR.

Since then, Wesley has been involved in a number of these different societies, tracing his lineage back to the Revolutionary War and even back to the original settlement in Jamestown. Since his discoveries and personal work, Wesley has shifted his focus into helping other people along their similar genealogical journeys.

Wesley Oler IV knows that, when it comes to our lives and how we spend our down-time, it’s the things that we’re truly passionate about that dictate what we choose to get involved in. For Wesley, the decision to get involved in Community Leadership was driven by such passion. He enjoys working with the groups he’s involved with and gains both intellectual and personal satisfaction from helping people out in life. While it’s important to get people involved and drum up excitement and engagement, Wesley does his due diligence to ensure that he isn’t an indoctrinator but rather wants to help people figure out how to contribute in their own ways. Now, in his work in Community Leadership, Wesley is looking for someone to take the reins and carry on the mission moving forward.

Professionally, Wesley Oler IV worked for four decades in the investment industry. After spending 25 years with Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. – where he held a range of positions throughout his tenure, from Deputy Manager of Institutional Investment Sales to Senior Vice President of Private Client Wealth Management, Wesley transitioned into the role of Relationship Manager at Credit Suisse Private Banking. From there, he held the role of Wealth Management Advisor at EPIC Retirement Services Consulting for six years before joining the team at Revolutionary Retirement Consulting, Ltd. as their Chief Investment Officer.

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