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Personality is everything. If you were asked to choose between working with someone who was dedicated to their work and someone who did the bare minimum to get the job done, you’d choose to work with the dedicated person more likely than not. People who are dedicated to what they do and are driven to succeeding are the ones who will truly have the most impact in their community because these are the people who will more likely than not successfully make a change in their communities. There are certain behaviors these people have that separate them from the rest of the world and lets them impact those around them positively and meaningfully. Here are some of those behaviors.


They continually better themselves.


No one is perfect, and everyone has room to improve themselves for the better. People who will have a positive impact on those around them acknowledge this fact and know that they can continuously grow as a person—they can overcome biases, prejudices, gaps, limitations, and whatever else may be in the way between growing and becoming stagnant. They strive to have a loving, compassionate heart, an open mind, and are willing to experience new things that’ll help them better serve those around them.


They’re open to criticism.


Speaking of bettering themselves, people who positively impact those around them are open to (and even embrace) critique from their peers. To them, it’s not about wanting or needing to be “right” about something, because always being right leaves little room for personal growth. Instead, they wholeheartedly welcome critique and consider it a challenge to improve, approaching these critiques as a challenge they can put work into and change. These people know how to integrate constructive feedback into their lives and thrive on open dialogue between themselves and their peers.


They uplift those around them.


Rather than acting like some leaders who use people as stepping stones, people who will positively impact their communities will instead help and support their peers in their goals while striving toward their own goals. They have a generally positive energy to them that they spread to those around them and connect with others to help them grow as people. They also turn their backs on “success-building” opportunities that will be hurtful to others, veering away from unethical, demeaning, or destructive opportunities in favor of ones that will uplift everyone they work with and for.