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It might be easier than ever to set up an online fundraiser, but some people are rightfully worried about annoying their friends and relatives by constantly posting links to such campaigns on social media. With a bit of etiquette and politeness, however, it is possible to reach the widest audience possible without representing a turn-off for those closest to the fundraiser. The following tips and tricks can help anyone in this situation get the most out of their efforts.

Share the Passion

No matter what the sought-after donations will help fund, it is vital for anyone asking for money to actually believe in the mission and make sure that passion shines through in every pitch. Whether through an email campaign, text messages, or a fundraising website, there is always an opportunity to explain why the money is important and what it will be used for upon reaching the goal.

Express Gratitude

It might go without saying that donors should receive a hearty and heartfelt thank you note upon contributing to a cause, but it is never too early to share a message of gratitude. Making it clear that everyone who even takes a moment to read a new fundraising request is appreciated can go a long way toward ensuring individuals that their time is valued. If people feel as though they are not taken for granted, they will be less likely to become annoyed by repeated requests. 

Make It Straightforward

Maintaining a streamlined form of messaging will make it less tiresome for friends and colleagues to read through fundraising pitches. Creating a story that provides all of the relevant information without too much fluff or extra details will reduce the likelihood that people will become overwhelmed by text and start to resent the fact that these messages continue showing up in their social media feeds or email inboxes. 

Offer Incentives

Ideally, a donor would be interested in supporting a cause simply to help the fundraiser achieve its stated goal. In reality, however, providing giveaways, public recognition, or other perks is a great way to allow potential donors to understand that they will get something out of the process too.