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Of all the topics that suffer from misconceptions and myths, charitable giving has got to be one of the biggest. Myths hold a lot of power in society when they’re not corrected, and that can have a big impact on something such as charitable giving. It can cause people to not pay attention, or not give to those in need when they otherwise might have. These myths are prevalent in charitable giving and to make real, lasting change in the world we need to clear up these common misconceptions. Let’s talk about a few of the most common myths facing the world of philanthropy.

I Can’t Donate Enough To Make A Difference

Regardless of how small your donations are, they are very important to the survival of non-profit organizations. Having multiple sources of support is very important for any organization, as it can help boost its credibility and prevent it from going under. For instance, if a large grant from the government suddenly stops, a nonprofit might not be able to survive. But having multiple sources of support can help a group get through the tough times, even if it’s just a fraction of your paycheck from time to time.

I Can’t Trust Nonprofits With My Donation

Unfortunately, there are many instances of immorality and scams that are prevalent in the world of philanthropy, but this is an anomaly among the nearly two million organizations that are in the US. If you are worried about a nonprofit, it’s important that you speak with its staff members and get an independent evaluation. Doing your own research can also help you feel more comfortable giving.

Donating Doesn’t Benefit Me

According to a number of studies, people are more likely to be happy when they spend their money on others instead of themselves. In one study conducted by Michael Norton, a Harvard Business School professor, half of the volunteers were told to spend the money on themselves, while the other half were told to spend it on someone else. The results of the study revealed that the individuals who gave more money were more likely to feel satisfied with their lives.

Philanthropy Is As Simple As Just Giving Your Money Away

Aside from money, philanthropists can also contribute their time and resources to a variety of non-profit organizations. For instance, volunteering at a local non-profit organization can help them grow their skills and capacity. Before you start giving, it’s important that you thoroughly consider the various causes that you care about and the ways that you can help them.