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Community involvement is important for children who are still discovering how their actions impact others. While many volunteering positions are on hold right now, there will soon be a time when families can gather with others to make positive changes in the world. These ideas help families get started planning how they can help others once COVID is no longer so much of a concern.


Help a Neighbor


For many children, it is easiest to start volunteering by helping a neighbor. A child might be able to rake or mow an elderly neighbor’s lawn. They could also start a neighborhood garden or do a community trash pick up.


Plan a Fundraiser


Today, many communities could benefit from having a new park or assistance with buying school equipment. Children can work with their parents to set up a fundraiser. With online payment tools and social media, children no longer have to go door-to-door. This makes fundraising safe and more effective.


Make Care Packages


Many people are homeless, and some people are without a home for the first time in their lives. Children can recruit people to help with putting together essential supplies for someone who lacks money or access to a house. Personal hygiene supplies, snack bars, and gloves are all ideas to put into a bag that can be distributed to homeless people in the community.


Share Their Skills


Older children already have talents that they can share. Reading to younger children at the library is an option that strengthens a child’s skills and confidence levels. A child who knows how to play an instrument could volunteer their services at the local community center.


Care for Animals


Animal rescue organizations often need volunteers to serve in a variety of roles. A child might be able to help groom pets or clean out their cages. Some families might even be willing to foster a dog and provide care for them until they find a forever home.


Volunteering together as a family is a great way to bond while teaching children valuable lessons. Parents can continue to look for volunteer opportunities that fit their child’s skills and understanding of the world. Together, every family can make a difference in the lives of others.