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Charity, philanthropy, and nonprofits – being involved in any of these is a noble cause, but it’s easy to lose your motivation when you struggle to make a difference. That’s why many of the world’s biggest philanthropists and business leaders have given TED Talks on the topic, trying to inspire others and talk about how we can make real lasting change when it comes to the problems that plague those more unfortunate than us on this planet. Let’s dive in!

The Why and How of Altruism – Peter Singer

If we saw a hurt child by themselves in the park, you might think to help out. While that’s very noble of you, why doesn’t everybody do the same when it comes to the thousands of children that die every day due to going hungry amongst other things? So what are we supposed to do? That’s what Peter Singer went out to discuss and figure out in this TED Talk.

Why Giving Away Our Wealth Has Been The Most Satisfying Thing We’ve Done – Bill and Melinda Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates decided to create the Gates Foundation after realizing that they could make a difference in the world by giving away most of their wealth. In this talk, they talk about their experiences giving back and how doing so gave them a satisfaction neither of them had felt in a long time. This talk might be exactly the push you need in order to start making a difference in your own way.

You Are The Future Of Philanthropy – Katherine Fulton

Katherine Fulton gives a TED Talk aimed at the little guy, everyday people like us. She believes that instead of focusing on mega philanthropists, we should instead think about how the smaller donations that regular people make every day have the ability to make a true difference in the world. What if that’s all it took to solve issues like hunger and disease? This is a TED Talk that is sure to make you think about the way you and others give.

How To Buy Happiness – Michael Norton

In his TED Talk, Michael Norton talks about the fascinating research that shows that money can buy happiness. But instead of using money to buy yourself nice things or to go on fancy tricks, Michael takes a different route. He explores the various ways that pro-social spending can benefit you, your work, and in true philanthropic spirit, the people who truly need it. So instead of buying yourself a new set of clothes the next time you’re feeling down, maybe you should donate to a worthy cause instead!