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Small businesses and nonprofit organizations often have a beneficial relationship. Nonprofits can ask for donations, and companies can sponsor their projects. These organizations also need volunteers, and companies can help by donating their time and manpower. Although many small businesses do not have social responsibility programs, they can still help nonprofit organizations. In this article, you’ll learn how small businesses can support nonprofit groups.



Why not host a volunteer day for your employees? It will allow them to bond and positively impact the community. You can also choose a local nonprofit organization with which your employees can connect. For instance, if your staff members are passionate about dogs, you might want them to spend a day at an animal shelter. If they are constantly separating plastic and paper, you can find an organization that helps clean up your local area.


Make sure that your volunteer day is memorable for your staff members, and you can also establish a strong relationship with the organization that you’re working with. This could allow you to expand the scope of your involvement.


Donation Matching

Many companies match their employees’ donations to nonprofit organizations, though smaller businesses often do not have a policy regarding this practice. Why not match their donations if your staff members give a lot of money to various charitable organizations? This could allow them to make a more significant impact on the community.


You can start small and build a program that will grow over time. Initially, you should only allow your staff members to give to specific nonprofit organizations. You can expand this program to include other groups your employees give to. You can also use your company’s matching gift program to show how much you care about the community.



Nonprofit organizations often have a page that explains how supporters can give. This can be used to educate volunteers and donors about how they can support the organization. A resource page for your company can also be created to let your staff members know about the different ways that they can support nonprofit groups. Nonprofit resource pages can also be posted in your company’s office or website. They can inspire individuals who may need a little encouragement.


Share Services

Although this concept might vary depending on the company that you work for, it’s still worth considering. Your staff members can also give back to the community by volunteering their time and skills to support nonprofit programs. For instance, you can provide marketing consultation, legal advice, and account services to small organizations that cannot hire outside help.


You can also provide training to members of nonprofit groups in the areas that you are familiar with. These types of services are typically volunteer-based, and they use the skills that your staff members have.