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To socially distance, you do not have to end involvement with other people. Even though in-person gathering poses a threat, you can still volunteer without risking transmission of COVID-19. Here are ways to socially distance and volunteer.

1. Crisis Lines

This refers to online crisis services for individuals experiencing a mental crisis. If you are a volunteer, you will choose when to communicate with individuals in need. The crisis services require volunteers who have counseling experience.

2. Tutoring

There are online platforms, such as Upchieve, that link student to volunteer tutors. The volunteer tutors choose the time they will be available to assist students in various subjects. They do not need to have any experience, only the willingness to tutor and academic knowledge.

3. Online Translation

Most nonprofits are in search of multiple language translators. There is an online service called Translators Without Borders that require translation of crisis responses, medical documents, and other important texts to assist non-English speakers.

4. Donations

One fantastic way of giving back to the community is donating to charitable organizations that require financial assistance. It is up to you as a volunteer to decide the amount to give. Due to the crisis caused by the pandemic, hygiene products, clothing, and food are in demand. Major cities have a minimum of one store that accepts the items and takes them to the homeless and low-income members.

5. More Isolated Ways to Assist

To make isolated individuals feel safe and connected, consider making some checkup calls. There also exist very few firms that offer caring messages cards. The AARP gives handmade arts to people who live alone.

6. Self-Guided Volunteerism

Transitioning to volunteer work and maintaining social distance may mean you are now providing your help to neighbors. This could be picking up litter in the morning or dropping off groceries to an elderly neighbor. Volunteer opportunities automatically arise when neighbors share their needs.


Finally, for those who love volunteering, the pandemic should not be a hindrance. You still have the chance to socially distance and even volunteer. For instance, to assist those with a mental crisis, online platforms help you interact with them. You can as well tutor online and so many other ways discussed above.