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If you missed part 1 of how volunteering will change your life, click here. In part 2, we will be continuing with some of the benefits associated with volunteering and how it will change your life. 

Volunteering is beneficial to your career

Individuals that work at any organization and volunteer usually are the highest earners. This is mainly due to the relationships fostered within volunteering, as it leads to more financial benefits. In addition, it opens up your network and circle as people in your industry tend to do the same mundane activities and information. Volunteering also expands your social circle which can lead you to a promotion within your current career or assist with shifting into a new career path. 

Volunteering will give meaning to your life: 

While there are many activities we can do from joining a gym to playing a sport, none of these activities will have quite an impact like volunteering will. Science may not be able to explain the numerous health benefits associated with volunteering, but one thing scientists have come to a conclusion about is it allows individuals to discover what life has to offer. The true definition of volunteering is sacrificing the opportunity for any pay to perform work needed for an organization or individuals. For example, if homelessness is close to your heart and you want to make a difference in their lives, serving them food in a soup kitchen or organizing a fundraiser for the homeless fulfills the need for a social cause you care about. Often times people think they need to devote many hours to make a difference, but doing some research online and choosing a cause that suits your lifestyle/social cause will make all the difference to people in need whether it be an hour of work or four hours.