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Community centers are crucial parts of any town. They’re a place where people can gather on weekends, where children and teenagers can hang out with their friends, where sports teams can meet up and practice, and so much more. These community centers are a central part of how a town operates and thrives, making them crucial assets to your community. Not many places can see the value and importance these places bring to their cities, however; some places don’t have a community center at all. That’s why it’s important to see the benefits of having community centers around—here are a few of them.


Impact on Youth


Community centers are safe, stable locations where young people can gather. There are plenty of things for children and teens to do at these community centers: work out in adequately equipped workout rooms, dance, practice martial arts, play sports like basketball, and much more. These centers give young people a place to learn discipline, healthy habits, and teamwork through the mentorship and guidance of others either working at the center or attending from the community. After-school programs offer refuge for at-risk youth, which helps to reduce crime rates and other costs to the community. Essentially, community centers are a healthy outlet for young people to learn and grow safely.


Opportunities for Education


Education extends beyond the classroom, and people can expand their knowledge for little-to-no cost at community centers. In Orlando, children can get help with homework, be tutored for standardized tests, participate in book clubs, and more to learn when school lets out. Adults can build on skills at these centers that they might not necessarily have, and they can get help from services to receive job training or have their resume looked over. 


Active and Healthy Community


It’s easy to start or continue a healthy lifestyle when visiting a community center. Living healthily and staying active are both essential to a happy life, so by taking advantage of what community centers have to offer, you’ll make yourself happier and healthier—on average, adults under 65 who exercise regularly save $1,230 a year in medical costs. It’s important to note that community centers aren’t just for young people. No matter your age, there’s something available to keep you active at a community center: walking clubs, fitness programs, and other activities exist to help you stay both physically and culturally sound.