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Everybody today has the opportunity to make the world a more pleasant place to live. One of the ways we can improve the lifestyle in our communities is through volunteering. Volunteering offers so many benefits not only for the community but for yourself as well. According to the Mayo Clinic, volunteering has been shown to decrease the likelihood of depression, decrease stress levels, prolong your life expectancy, and develop meaningful relationships with others. If you’re ready to make a contribution to others and measure the impact you are making in your community, here are some ways to begin volunteering in your local community. 

Volunteer at your local school:

As teachers work long hours from preparing classes to grading exams, they often are exhausted and can’t seem to find a way to engage students outside the classroom. Children need someone to look up to if they face issues in school they’re not comfortable discussing with anyone else. Accompanying kids on a field trip, spending a Saturday cleaning up a park, or reading a book/story to a child will often impact their future in a positive way. 

Volunteer at a shelter: 

One of the most common ways of volunteering your time is preparing meals and serving those in need during the holiday season. Despite how well off some Americans are, there are still many Americans who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Offering a friendly smile, warm service, and well-nourished meals will often change the person receiving the meal’s mood for the better. 

Volunteer at a hospital: 

Volunteering at a hospital is not what people normally associate with volunteering, but it is very valuable to both staff and patients. Staff at hospitals are often overworked and are not able to offer the level of support to every patient as each one has differing levels of assistance they require. This dilemma provides an opportunity for many to assist hospital staff by being the front line at an information desk, pushing patients around in a wheelchair, or preparing food. 

Gather the neighborhood for a yard sale: 

If you possess any expertise in business or marketing, rally the neighbors to sell their unwanted items for a local charity. Advertise around the neighborhood that there is a yard sale, and that the proceeds will benefit a local charity. Many members of the community will come out and support the yard sale. Even if a member of the community does not want to purchase anything, encourage them to donate to the local charity you have selected.